Audio Conferencing or Conference Call

With GoVoice one may create several conference rooms bearing multiple users, which allows you to easily establish a collaborative environment with colleagues, customers or partners.

This audio conferencing solution is supported in the PBX or IPBX Cloud solution. Our platform allows you the creation of multiple conference rooms and unlimited users in each room; it is possible, through our platform, to manage the allocation of access codes for each meeting room at all times.

  • Highly reduced cost of operation
  • Safe communications between one or more users
  • It supports all types of users, either internal or external to the organization
  • Integration with IPBX

Fax to Email e Email to Fax

Our fax server simplifies companies’ management and faxing. This solution allows sending and receiving online faxes via email, with no further worries concerning equipment, paper or ink.

Once the fax is received, it is forwarded to a general email box or may be referred to a set of pre-defined email boxes. The service also allows the management, through a Web interface, of sent and received faxes as well as their transmission reports.

  • Elimination of costs with fax machines and associated material weariness
  • Elimination of costs with fax adapters
  • Efficient management of sent and received faxes
  • Reception of faxing reports in the source email inbox


As in a company in motion mobility is critical, GoVoice solution provides access to all IPBX features in a choice of mobile devices such as a smartphones. As a result, our customers do not lose any calls, contacts or contracts.

  • Access to all IPBX features in a mobile device
  • Ability to answer calls outside the office

Operator Panel

GoVoice’s solution operator panel allows one to access and manage all the information and functionality in a very simple and intuitive manner.

  • Centralized management of attendance and calls
  • It allows the prioritization of certain contacts
  • Simple and intuitive layout

Basic Telephony Features

Advanced Telephony Features

Administrative features

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