“I would highlight, alongside with the omnichannel concept, the fact that GoContact provides a “custom-made” solution that, through the dynamism in product development, enables our operation to be managed with a custom perspective and according to the needs and challenges of Worten’s Contact Center.”

Luis Ferreira, Customer & Service Center Manager at Worten

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Interactions through any Channel

Worten is a portuguese company and the national market leader in electrical household appliances, consumer electronics and entertainment. It has over 180 stores scattered throughout Portugal, and over 40 stores scattered throughout Spain, as well as 2 online stores for the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

To meet consumers’ expectations, Worten has been standing out, over the past few years, due to its omnichannel strategy. The Contact Center appears as a first-choice solution for Worten, considering the various projects and challenges that are part of the company’s pipeline. The ability to interact with customers across several channels allows Worten to provide a more customized service and to build bridges between the different communication channels.

Worten shifted its Contact Center service provider, being the Contact Center now managed by ManpowerGroup Solutions. ManpowerGroup Solutions started to manage Worten’s entire Contact Center operation using the GoContact platform.

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This project was implemented in partnership between GoContact and ManpowerGroup Solutions, which manages Worten’s contact center operation.