Know how 

specialized know-how in telecommunications, web development languages and infrastructure

Especialized Consulting services

GoContact comprises a qualified team with know-how

To ensure the implementation of GoContact, we offer the services of a qualified team with specialized know-how in several areas, as telecommunications, contact center management and consulting services, web programming languages and infrastructures.

Our team will monitor all stages of the implementation cycle, from the initial phase of requirements analysis/assessment of needs and operational consulting to the project’s management.

The expert consulting services on operational management allows, alongside with a mapping of our customers’ business needs, to ensure that the identified demands are met and that there is a personalized response to the requirements inherent to each project.

The experience we have gained in the implementation of our solutions allows us to create strong methodologies that guarantee safety in the management and delivery of implementation projects.

Having know-how in operational Contact Centers’ management and consulting provides our teams with an in-depth understanding of our customers business, allowing the product and implementation to have a significant correlation with each solution installed.

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