Which is the Secret to Establishing a Good Business Relationship with the Customer?

What do we mean when we talk about customer relationship?
It is a very comprehensive topic that implies many areas, but I will only focus on the so-called “Business relationship”. Much more than a name, not always well-known, is, in my opinion, a concept and a way of approaching life.
Not having the profile for an “impinged” sale, an absolutely decisive premise for the customer relationship process to be a success is to believe in the quality of what is presented and the added value that the product or service will represent for the customer .
Believing that this relationship has to be based on transparency and honesty, like any other type of relationship that is profitable and lasting, this is the essential starting point.
Of course, in the negotiation phase, there can always be a difference between the proposed value and the value that the customer is prepared to recognize to the added value that will benefit. But up to that point of eventual disagreement, the more frank and cordial the relationship, the greater the chances of a successful solution for both.
How do you get a good relationship with the customer? Common sense may indicate that smiling, although not sincere, agreeing, even if not meaningful, will be the best way to establish a good relationship.
However, I do not believe that this is the best or the most lasting approach. I believe that a good, solid, and strong relationship with a customer is built in the same way as a personal relationship. More than just listening, really listening; more than just agreeing, understanding and explaining. These are some of the bases that should serve as a foundation for the relationship to solidify in a positive and cordial way, but they are not the only ones.
It is necessary to be present. As Woody Allen said, “80% of success is showing up.” However, I believe that, in this case, you have to do more, it is necessary to be with the customer, to feel and understand their emotions, whether professionals in relation to the product or service, but also their values and convictions.
This is the only way we can definitively put ourselves “in the customer’s shoes” and understand what their pains are, what their motivations are, what their patterns are, in order to create not only an ever closer relationship but, above all, be able to, on the one hand, anticipate their concerns and longings, and on the other, respond assertively to their needs. Thus, it will be possible to surprise the customer in a positive way and, in that way, be a clear asset for the customer and for the institution he represents.
Only an honest, strong and healthy relationship can be lasting. Resisting together in the less good moments that will surely exist, but above all nourishing in moments of victory and growth that together you will share and savour.

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Ricardo Costa

Commercial Director at GoContact