Improve the Digital Customer Service Experience with Web Chat

When customers are faced with a problem, aside of finding a solution, they want to feel that the agents on the other side understand and identify themselves with the situation. Even when customers have some difficulties in describing what’s happening, they need to feel that they are understood.

A web chat and co-browsing solution can improve this dynamic, especially in a digital environment, expanding chat interactions (text and video) with screen sharing in real time. The goal is simple: to improve the way agents and customers communicate.

The Next Level of Online Customer Service

Let’s imagine that you sell softer and comfortable pillows than other companies in the market. To expand the business, you decide to create an online store to make available the various ranges of pillows that you sell.

John, a long-time customer, decides to try the new website. However, he has a doubt about a pillow or is unable to complete the purchase process. A fully personalized chat window appears on the screen, reflecting the brand´s image, asking if he needs help and John accepts it. Immediately, John begins an interaction with an agent, Isabel, who has direct access to John’s data, previous interactions, website navigation history and the time spent on each page.

Isabel and John talk for a while so that Isabel may fully understand the situation and how she can help. To ease the interaction, Isabel uses some brand pre-defined text templates to send messages.

Better Communication with Screen Sharing

In this case, Isabel asks John if he can share his screen so that she will be able to clearly identify the problem. Now, they can start a co-browsing session. From the start, this session allows the creation of a greater empathy between the agent and the customer.

As Isabel helps John to complete the purchase, she asks him to enter his credit card information. Isabel informs John that the fields are masked, so that she is not able to visualize this sensitive information. With this additional security, John feels more confident while filling out this information and completes the purchase.

Much more than a Web Chat Window

GoContact’s platform is not limited to the Web Chat channel. We developed an integrated solution, Omnichannel, designed to offer a unified customer service experience. This way, John manages to clarify his questions and obtains a unified experience regardless of the channel he has chosen.

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