How to build the customer’s loyalty through a good support service?

With the proliferation of competition at a time when speed of consumption is fast, brands increasingly need to position themselves in the minds of their customers as their favourites, so that they are not easily replaced by competing brands.

For this, it is fundamental to understand that every interaction of customer service, whether online or offline, has the potential to generate loyalty and trust, even in issues that seem simpler to us.

Be proactive

This is one of the key points for the customer to feel totally loyal and familiar with a brand. The concern with solving their problems and even meeting and overcoming these same problems allows the consumer to choose the brand spontaneously, mainly because of his previous positive experience. It is not just a product that makes a mark, the experience around customer service is critical for a customer to decide to continue to buy a particular brand.

The anticipation of the customer’s next question is one of the moments in which the customer can feel part of the brand, seeing it as a solver and an ally in solving his problems.


Knowing your customers, offering them a personalized service according to their needs or even through their reality and buying trends, is the key to making the customers totally loyal to the brand.

When a customer is treated by his or her own name, it increases the brand satisfaction indexes and, added to that, if the employee shows that he knows and is interested in some personal aspects of the customer’s life, above all with regard to the use of the product or service, the experience around the brand goes far beyond satisfying the product quality.

Reduce customer effort

Focusing on reducing customer effort is one of the satisfaction metrics that becomes increasingly targeted for greater attention as it will help your customers re-purchase the brand, building their long-term loyalty, and attracting new customers.

A number of measures can be taken to reduce customer effort, such as creating experiences and procedures that are easier for the customer to understand and use. However, a large part of customer effort reduction refers to interactions and relationships with employees, through quick responses and problem solving right from the first contact, making customers happy and satisfied.

Ask for Customer Feedback

By collecting customer feedback, it not only allows you to identify what needs to be improved but also to give importance and value to his opinions. Feeling that their opinion is crucial to a brand is a way for customers to remain loyal by believing in the potential for continuous improvement that the brand has to meet their real needs.

Reduce employee effort

Reducing the effort of employees is also important in improving the customer service experience. If for them it becomes easy to provide the service, it also becomes a better and smaller effort experience for customers. Well-trained employees with high customer empathy create better support experiences, making it easier to reduce customer effort and, consequently, brand loyalty, and positively affect employees’ motivation.

These points, when applied efficiently, can make the customer service experience truly memorable, which is the basis for satisfaction and loyalty to a particular brand. The GoContact platform intends to add this WOW factor to the entire on-the-go experience, providing features that reduce not only the employee’s effort, making him more committed and motivated in the work to be performed, but also reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction, through a unique, personalized and proactive service.

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Mariana Henriques

Passionate about Marketing and absolutely fan of social media, she is currently Digital Marketing Specialist at GoContact, a company that develops contact center software in the cloud.