Customer Service Trends for the Healthcare Industry

Day-to- day in healthcare corporations is very peculiar. The humanization of contact with customers and the ability to customize and adapt interactions to each customer and case are key factors for a unique customer experience and a differentiating, quality service. Due to the individuality and subtlety of interactions as personal as those regarding health and wellness, the availability of customer services is another key factor to ensuring that all costumers are assisted, by whichever channel.

This article explores some of the revolutionising trends in the healthcare industry, in the customer service field.

Bespoke and Proximity Service

Healthcare service users are increasingly requesting a proximity, customised service. This is why Contact Centres in this sector and agents answering calls being provided with user information context and communication history in due time is key.

User information integration between hospitals and/or clinics and pharmacies will be a more and more important factor in ensuring customised and proximity service. A consult or medicine must not be seen individually but integrated in a way that will allow treatment customisation for each person, according to their needs.

Task Management Optimization

The healthcare industry is characterized by constant back office tasks like confirmations, cancellations, sending of SMS, adjustments in doctor and user schedules, among others. These activities open the door to management integration via a single Contact Centre platform, with embedded CRM, thereby promoting improved management efficiency.

Sustained Innovation and Scalability

Healthcare service users are usually susceptible to changes in service. A poorly prepared change can therefore give rise to terrible consequences. This way, supporting organization development by using technologies that enable scalability and the identification of new trends in business activity data, whether they are historical data or real-time data, is crucial.

One Organization, One Platform

The need to provide a proximity service shows the actual shortcomings of typical call and task management tools. The possibility of consulting Hospital Units or Clinics, in real time, while keeping the customer in line, thereby giving a quick answer to a medical question made by the customer, are consequences of the technological agility that ensures a more personalized, intimate service experience. And technology and society evolution are making this agility in customer service a crucial aspect for healthcare organizations.

Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel services are a reality in several activity sectors and the healthcare industry is no exception. Task handling integration is only possible with the merger of service channels, regardless of the type of task and channel used by customers. This way, it is possible to provide the customer with an organization experience as a whole. When an organization allows customers to use the channel that most suits them, it is essential that they are systematically provided with the same experience, irrespective of the selected channel.

Real-Time Analytics and Response Ability

The implementation of new data analysis technologies, like Big Data, will enable process automation and ensure a swifter response to the new user preference trends. Such analysis processes and their conjugation with new technologies and systems, like mobile apps, will allow users to obtain a more customised experience and quicker access to information in a sector where reply, convenience and control are so important.

Has your Contact Centre already embraced these trends?

Personalisation and humanisation of contact with customers is essential to ensure a unique service experience in the healthcare industry, and this can only be accomplished by using a single, optimised Multi-Channel Contact Centre platform and a customer service team with the most qualified employees. Emotional and human management is also a key factor in providing premium services, as it focuses on people who are providing customer services and the right technology to boost their abilities.

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