The Contact Center of the Future, Mr. Jonh’s Experience

One the major trends for the future of customer service will be to create real time value from the information available on customers’ behaviour contextualizing the agents with the formers’ real needs. This will be the huge point of differentiation and a real source of competitive advantage, as customers will feel like they are an integrating part of the brand and have a much closer relation with the brand, and not two very different things.

For Contact Centers only one thing matters: how can we know everything that is relevant about the customer who is calling us right then in less than 10 seconds?

The Customer at the Core of Service

Currently, we are entering a universe where we want to achieve a 360 degree vision of the customer which must be provided to the agents immediately. To do so, Contact Centers must gather as much information about the Customer through different sources making it much easier to meet his/her needs and expectations.

Relevant and Contextualized Information

To answer this challenge, we need to reinvent the way information about the customer history is provided to the agents and the answer is an intelligent algorithm that uses the current and prior information available taking into consideration the type of service provided supplying the agent with a compact summary which quickly tells him/her everything he/she needs to know about the customer whose call he/she will be taking.

Contact Centers are information hubs which increasingly try to concentrate as much privileged information as possible. But, too do so, the only way the information can be transformed and used to offer a unique customer service is through the right technology.

The basis for a unique and efficient customer service is to present a connection with the customer through a confident voice, anticipating the resolution needs and expectations and avoiding the situation from becoming a problem.

Once upon a time…

Sarah is an agent from Contact Center and she loves her job. She is constantly motivated to deal with the countless calls she answers every day and through which she helps customers choosing flowers, writing personalized cards and providing information about delivery times, delivery costs, among many other tasks.

Thanks to the excellent services provided, customers are fully loyal to the brand, but it is becoming harder for Sarah to follow-up all the customers’ orders, as accepts orders by email, telephone, social networks and its website.

Sometimes her motivation becomes frustration when a customer asks for the status of his/her order and she cannot solve the situation because she does not have the information she needs. This situation is becoming more complex as is expanding and it is increasingly more difficult to follow-up all the information about the customer.

Nevertheless, has decided to implement the GoContact software and the implementation process was pretty fast, involving many information integrations and migrations but, after the successful installation, the Contact Center will improve greatly.

Sarah is quite enthusiastic about this new platform and is ready to receive the first call of the day. The phone rings and while this is happening the agent’s screen transforms itself and shows the new GoContact plug-in, indicating that there is an incoming call from Mr. John in the Inbound phone service queue. The display shows Sarah a screen with all the information available on the client:

Mr. John is calling. Usually he calls about two times per month. He called last week and placed an order which is already closed. Yesterday, he also sent an email asking if we make deliveries to France and this ticket is still opened at this moment so he might be calling because of that. Note that he also visited our site a few minutes ago and that he added this item to his shopping cart, but he hasn’t checked out.

Sarah couldn’t believe the amount of real time information she had just received about the call she was going to take. As she was reading, she felt she knew the customer’s needs pretty well and that she could greet him saying “Good afternoon Mr. John, are you calling us about your doubts regarding the deliveries to France or about the online purchase you were trying to do right now?”

This new resource was surprising and efficient. Instantaneously, Sarah opened the hyperlinks included in the text with information about deliveries to France. What happened next was the most satisfactory customer service of all times being that Sarah answered all Mr. John’s questions.

And they lived Happily Ever After

The Contact Center platforms supply a humanized history of customers taking advantage of all the information needed in real time to create an intelligent analysis that will show a general and efficient vision of the Customer history. This information must be provided to the agent’s screen in an easy, intuitive and accessible manner so that he/she can quickly read and reproduce the information in less than 10 seconds.

The GoContact platform transforms the information into an actionable resource supplying solid information and supplementing the agent’s reasoning process. The way the platform helps its customers is, firstly, by boosting its agents’ work; i.e. sharing the power of gross processing that agents need to obtain the first seconds of a call through real time access to all the data, contextualizing them and delivering the content to the agent’s work area in a natural manner so that he/she fully knows the customer with whom he/she will be communicating with.

This is the path to follow so that customers become loyal to the brands as they feel that there is a genuine concern with knowing and solving their issues. It is what makes a fully efficient customer service experience.

Find out how we are transforming Mr. José’s customer service experience into a reality. Click here to know how Worten is creating Omnichannel customer service experiences with ManpowerGroup Solutions and GoContact.

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