Being a Contact Center agent is not easy: We know what you are talking about!

“There’s no better way to understand a job than to actually do it; you know what they say about “walking a day in another man’s shoes.” First-hand experience of employees’ jobs — especially those of front-line employees — can be invaluable for senior executives. It puts managers intimately in touch with the wants and needs of those closest to a company’s customers.
This is especially true in call centres. Understanding call centre employees and their roles can help executives make an impact on how employees and customers feel about a company. Making the call centre a stop along a senior manager’s career path — even if for a brief period of time — is essential in maximizing call centre potential. Even though call centres are often ignored, they are integral in creating an engaged customer base and, in turn, building profit and increasing stock value”.

Gallup, 2005

The work of a Contact Center agent is demanding and challenging, the training course can be long and the period of stabilization – until the call gets the required quality – is not immediate. Being able to discern the moments to speak and the moments to listen, develop active listening skills, resilience, patience and, above all, dealing with rejection when it comes to outbound phone calls are challenges that only those who experience it know how difficult they are. It is through experience that you gain the valences necessary to know how to respond confidently, taking ownership of the information that is given, safely, and transmitting it exactly to the Customer.

At GoContact there is the basic premise of recruiting people who, when they have direct contact functions with the Customer, regardless of their hierarchical degree, have a background experience in the world of Contact Centers. We believe that this knowledge is fundamental and structuring to know exactly what our Customers are looking for and we believe that it makes all the difference in the way we work and accompany them.

With the main mission of giving strength and autonomy to Contact Center operations, we know that this know-how allows us to understand our Customer’s language, which facilitates all interaction. Having experienced many of the same experiences, our teams understand the main concerns and goals of the end customer.

This HR policy aligned with the focus on the Customer forces the search to be thorough, but the return is rewarding. We believe that by offering integrated services that strengthen operations, with this knowledge of the cause, we can respond with confidence, passion and be even more differentiating.

“Why is intimate knowledge of the call centre so important? It’s the best way to get insights from customers on how they perceive your business. Add that to the insights you can get from the call centre employees, and you have a panoramic view from which to lead”.

We know that our Customer’s employees show their face daily for their business. Our mission is to facilitate their day-to-day life so that they can provide the best possible customer service experience.

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Catarina Froes

HR Manager at GoContact
Focused on the well-being and the sustained growth of GoContact's employees, for whom she is responsible, it's her mission to take care of HR and create actions that ensure the teams quality of life.