Agent Experience or Customer Experience: which is most important?

At a time where it is increasingly frequent to be worried about the customer experience, companies choose to set up strategies of market positioning to meet the customer needs and expectations which are increasingly connected and exposed to competition.

Nevertheless, companies focus on meeting the customers’ expectations so much that they sometimes neglect the needs and expectations of internal teams. This can result into the agent’s motivation decrease which causes friction with the company and lastly, a negative support experience for the customer.

Two questions arise:

· Does a satisfied customer create a satisfied agent?
· Does a satisfied agent create a satisfied customer?

The Agent/Customer Relation

Consumers tend to humanize brands with which they relate in order to feel them as closer to them through the values these try to convey.

Contact Center agents have a key role in this process of humanizing brands in as much as they represent the brand and sometimes they are the closest and more visible element, boosting the relation between the customer and the brand. Therefore, it is crucial that customers identify themselves with the agent to give even more credibility and notoriety to the brand they represent.

In other words, the agents and customers‘ experience is fully connected and depend on each other. The focus must be to improve customer service through a strategy of improving the support experience and consequently the agents’ motivation.

According to Richard Branson, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients!”.

Success formula

The following is the success formula so that your Contact Center can achieve an excellent positioning not only in your customers’ mind but also in your agents’ mind:

Support Experience = Customer Experience + Agent Experience

By highlighting the important of agents and customers, we get satisfied agents as we reduce the turnover rate, which means agents stay longer at their post, becoming more experienced and efficient and decreasing costs with a collaborator’s loss and recruiting and training of new employees. On the other hand, the response time and the customer waiting time are decreased being that calls are made more efficiently and consequently the customer’s experience is valued and the latter is satisfied with the excellent customer service provided.

Happy and motivated agents make satisfied and loyal customers, making both real brands’ advocates.

How can we make the agent’s experience a success?

Most agents feel discouraged with the plurality of platforms they have to access to give a correct and concise answer to the customer. Most of times, they have absolutely no information on the customer giving the impression that they are incompetent and boosting the customer’s grumpiness.

The GoContact platform has Inbound features that allow an intelligent management of contacts received. Regarding outbound calls, powerful campaigns can be created and features can be leveraged such as Predictive or Power Dialler to improve the contact performance. To guide your agents during calls, we also have a script building tool specifically developed to answer the smart scripting needs in a quick and efficient manner.

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Mariana Henriques

Passionate about Marketing and absolutely fan of social media, she is currently Digital Marketing Specialist at GoContact, a company that develops contact center software in the cloud.