A Contact Center at the North Pole, a Christmas Tale

Santa Claus faces a big challenge every year at Christmas time, and it has become worse and worse. How to deliver presents to millions of children, efficiently and in only one night? To this date, Santa Claus has used his experience to tear up the space-time tissue, which helps him to fulfil the task. But with the increase in digital channels and interactions that has taken place annually, however, that solution is becoming too heavy a burden for Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Fortunately, Santa Claus understood that to make his elves work more efficiently, he needs a plan to satisfy the millions of small customers all over the world. Otherwise, Christmas will never be the same again.

More than Letters to Santa Claus

Deep inside, Santa Claus is very much a traditionalist and values details and a personal touch in customers’ experience. Handwritten letters are still the channel chosen by many of his small customers, but interactions are growing in social networks, apps and chat, let alone the North Pole website, which receives more and more orders. Santa Claus needs to interact in these new channels, monitor data, create a map and review requests during the whole year, to be able to use that information in his planning. Otherwise, Santa Claus knows that he will have problems in Omnichannel assistance. Disappointing and eventually losing his most loyal customer base would be catastrophic.

The Last Presents under the Tree

Meeting all Christmas requests is essential to keep his small customers satisfied. In so many years of deliveries, he has never left a child without presents under the tree. Currently, however, the number of orders made through the website is increasing and letters are very often received in the last week or on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus must invest in logistic management and in his reindeer, to respond to all customers that seek greater ease and speediness in the delivery of their presents. Receiving presents on Christmas night, even if the order was made that very same day, is a crucial factor.

The Light that comes to Illuminate Christmas

Santa Claus wants to adopt innovative technologies that allow him to remain a leader and bring smiles to millions of customers all over the world. After meeting GoContact and knowing how it is helping its customers develop innovative solutions in this field, Santa Claus decided to apply a little magic to his Christmas night. After establishing his priorities together with the operational consultancy team of GoContact, Santa was able to answer the following questions:

  • With Omnichannel vision, he was able to offer his customers an integrated assistance experience, through any channel.
  • He implemented Artificial Intelligence to automate the simplest tasks, which allow significant gains in efficiency.
  • In the Analytics area, Santa Claus is able to collect and review data of different channels, in real time, monitoring the experience and the smiles of each customer.
  • The Contact Centre software is Cloud-based, which allows Santa Claus to access the platform everywhere, even in the remote North Pole.

With these changes, Santa Claus is able to grant more autonomy to the elves and operation teams, which gain full autonomy to manage the North Pole Contact Centre. To check who has been naughty and nice during the year, Santa Claus may also access the profile and history of interactions with customers, in an Omnichannel vision. As such, he his able to improve the customer experience of millions of children all over the world and deliver millions of presents by hand on Christmas night, meeting the expectations of customers and saving Christmas.

It does not matter whether your company is located in a city or at the North Pole. With GoContact, you may provide a unique and customised assistance experience, significantly improving the efficiency of business processes.

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Daniel Castilho

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