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GoContact is a company specialized in integrated solutions for Contact Centers (IPBX + Contact Center Software + Communications). It’s currently in the market with 2 premium products, developed by its softwarehouse, a Contact Center platform and an IPBX platform.

Both these web based products are set in IP architecture and were developed from scratch to run in the cloud.

GoContact provides all the functionality of a latest generation, complete, robust and integrated Contact Center platform such as IPBX, IVR, Inbound / Outbound Services, Scripts, Tickets, Chat, CRM, Reporting /Analytics, Quality, E-learning, SMS, Text to Speech, among others.

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Our goal

GoContact’s goal is to revolutionize the world of contact centers through the development and marketing of platforms which ensure the services/features that our customers require, alongside with a good user experience and easy parameterization as to ensure a timely response to their business.

We aim to be not only a supplier but also a technology partner available to, at all times, either through specialized consultancy or in our corporative headquarters, be able to live up to all challenges.

Platforms with flexibility, scalability, usability and resiliency are vectors that we point out as crucial to the success of contact centers.

We believe that technology must be at people’s service. GoTelecom products are designed to ensure that goal.


The client is both the starting and the arrival point of our Action;

We are led, unconditionally, by high standards of quality and excellence;
We continuously aim an efficient management of human resources;
We seek, at all times, technological innovation and ongoing training for our team.



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